Custom Synthesis

Organic Synthesis

• Custom Synthesis (usually >=98% purity, milligrams to kilograms scale)
• Advanced Building blocks & scaffolds(azetidines, pyrrolidines, piperazidines, homomorpholines, oxazoles etc)
• Key and advanced intermediates
• Synthetic pathway design, evaluation and scouting
• Asymmetirc Synthesis (e.g.: Intermediates of Ticagrelor, 220352-39-6, (1R,2S)-2-(3,4-difluorophenyl)cyclopropanamine L-Tartaric acid. 10kg scale 5-6weeks)

Process Chemistry Research and Route scouting

• New synthetic route development for target molecules
• Scale up (Several kilos in lab, 20L and 50L reactors)
• Optimization difficult reaction step for existing route
• e.g.: 254454-54-1 tert-butyl 3-iodoazetidine-1-carboxylate 100kg(5 weeks)

Biochemicals Services

• multistep synthesis
• New APIs and their Intermediates for Research Purpose
• Kinase and other Inhibitors
• e.g.: VX 950(Telaprevir, 402957-28-2), GSK 1904529A(GSK 4529, 1089283-49-7) etc.

Chemical reaction Capabilities

• cyclization
• heterocyclic chemistry
• fluorination
• high-temperature reaction +250°C
• low-temperature reaction -78°C
• high-pressure reaction 16MPa
• catalytic hydrogenation