Career Opportunities

Positions are always opening to Experienced Chemists who are interested, creative and self-motivated in organic synthesis(multistep synthesis, asymmetric synthesis), lab scale or pilot scale. Preference will be given to those with strong backgrounds in academic research and/or industrial development.

1. A family-like corporation that can meet its employee’s spiritual and materialistic demands;
2. A creative & innovative scientific research team in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry with a research team of international scientific background and support;
3. Providing extensive growth potential for personal career development in both management and academy;
4. Chances to be shareholders of an excellent R&D pharmaceutical corporation;
5. Competitive compensations or wages that match to foreign-invested companies;
6. Insurance of national standards for pension, medical care, unemployment and industrial injury plus collective reserved fund for residence;
7. Overseas technical and management training or on-the-job academic education supported financially by the corporation;
8. Supply dormitory or residential fee for non-local graduates;