About Us

Founded by chemists with years of working experiences in famous CRO companies in China, Excenen Pharmatech experienced in organic chemistry expecially in medicinal chemistry research/discovery fields.

Excenen PharmaTech is dedicated to serve the pharmaceutical, scientific research and development industries for 10 years.

During the past 10 years we supplied building blocks, small molecules, inhitbitors to world's leading companies like Janssen (Johnson&Johnson), Gilead, Abbvie..., Universities like Duke University, University of Chicago, University of Barcelona, University of Pécs etc... and lots of medicinal chemistry, neurobiological research institutes.

Now we've accumulated up to 2000+ small molecules in stock and 2000+ compound can be re-synthesized in a short period of time. The hightlight of our website is that updated price information have been adding in our website since March 2020. So come back and check sometimes!

We offer out-sourcing services for rare/special chemicals, new nhibitors/small molecules. We have wide connections with chemical companies, technicians, engineers, and chemists here in China.